It perfectly takes care of my feelings

The new year has finally dawned.~

Stay home and work hard.

I rolled around after eating, and in the meantime,

Soon…! My body got bigger.

I thought I shouldn’t leave it like this.

So I decided to give her a massage.

I checked and visited.

Slimming with this month’s promotion

There’s a product that’s exactly connected to care.

I got a recommendation from an acquaintance.

New Year’s Slimming Double-Up Event

I heard that 스웨디시 you’re on a diet like me.

I recommend it to those who have made up their mind!

I was told that I had to make a reservation and visit in advance.

I also made a reservation in advance and visited.

It’s a reservation-based place.

To visit at the time of your choice,

Make sure to make a reservation and visit in advance. Haha

These days, the corona is making you feel better.

We’re getting a limited number of people.

Bookings are even more! Must!

Finally, the day of care has come.

I’m going in there, and I’m going to inform you

And the staff will be kind enough to say hello.

You have confirmed your reservation.

Just by looking at the information atmosphere,

It felt like a luxurious spa.

It’s a modern interior, and it’s a good fit.

Even the lights…! Thanks to you, I can’t wait.


I’m worried that the massage might cost you a lot of money.

Some of you might be worried, but it’s not a burdening.

Siznable every month at reasonable prices

I heard there’s a program coming out!

That’s the charm.

There were more kinds of programs than I thought!

There are various programs, so it’s fun to watch.

We’re doing a monthly promotion every month.

And for those of you who feel the price burden,

You can also pay without any burden.

That’s an advantage!

in a corona situation

Cleanliness and peace of mind.

We are conducting hygiene management thoroughly.

Disinfection through regular specialized businesses

Go ahead and heat up the staff and guests.


After care, disinfect the maintenance room and the tools.

All the staff members are all wearing masks.

It was here.

All appliances are also thoroughly hygienic.

I could feel relieved when I saw him.

What kind of program do you want to talk to?

I don’t know if I’m gonna make up my mind.

I’ve got it.

I’ve been consulted about slimming care.

The manager wrote it down on the call chart.

It’s progressing, but something is professional.

It’s going on.

I’ll make sure you know the program you recommend.

He explained it, and he gave me some tips in the middle.

It was beneficial for you.

I’ve decided which program I want and now

I moved to the care room.

Antibac with pretty lights in the room.

The air purifier is running.

You can get care without feeling stuffy.

What’s more surprising than this air purifier is,

The care room is a private space.

It’s a one-person room.

poorly distinguished

It’s not like I’m lying down in a comfortable position.

I was able to get care.

I have an electronic closet. I keep things.

All right. Everything in the room was there

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