He would have just said he was the one who took me there.

Before I watched the movie, I thought it was a violent and scary movie.
But not at all.
I think it’s a movie that is very delicate and shows the emotions of a character.

He somehow ended up in charge of an unwanted child and became a kidnapper.
I don’t know if Yoo Ah-in doesn’t speak or can’t speak in the play.
There is not a single line.
He acts only with facial 토렌트왈 expressions and actions.
Maybe that’s why the audience focused more on the infant.

The child you brought is…
At first, you’re on guard, you’really,
As the day went by, I got along well with Yoo Ah-in’s brother and managed to adjust well to Yoo Ah-in’s house.
On the surface, it seems like nothing is wrong.
We’ve been together for days.
Yoo Ah-in also seems to care and not dislike the child’s affection.

When the phone didn’t call Yoo Jae-myung call,
Yoo Ah-in understands that the negotiation for the ransom for the child didn’t go well.
They are forced to take the child to a white-cooked house as planned.

When Yoo Ah-in came home,
I’m coming back because I don’t think so.

I’ll pass him over and come back.
The child ran away from the house.
Get lost and be taken back.
After all these incidents,
It’s like a little affection between each other.
I thought that such feelings arose.
once photographed
The Polaroid picture shows you.
It also looks like a happy family.

The infant decided to take the child with him.
Go to the child’s school.
I can see the teacher in the distance.
She’s trying to run, calling the teacher.
Yoo Ah-in never lets go of her grip.
I’ve been feeling attached to you.
Maybe he didn’t let it go because he wanted to say goodbye at least.
Unexpectedly, the child runs straight to the teacher, scattering his infant hand.
The teacher also hugs the child who came back alive.
Then they ask.
Who’s that?
He answered that the child was a kidnapper.
The teacher shouts loudly.
He’s a kidnapper.
The infant runs away in surprise.
I’ve been running away for a while.
The movie ends by showing the appearance of an infant.

It was an unintentional abduction.
The typical appearance of kidnappers, such as tightening hands and feet, is nowhere to be seen.
Like my family, we ate together and slept together.
The child gets along well with Yoo Ah-in’s sister.
Cleaning the house, etc.
Rather, it looks like a family.
The infant is also seen for the child.
Everyone’s eyes follow the infant.
I try to understand infants without lines,
in the eyes of a child
Infants are just kidnappers.
in order to live
I was just trying to get along with her.
I think he tried to run away from the infant who took him to school as soon as possible.
Dear teacher
When I asked him who he was,
If a child had the same mind as an infant,
He would have just said he was the one who took me there.
In the last scene,
I could see the child’s true intentions.
I don’t know if I was the only one who felt that way.
The last scene was a real twist to me.

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