It’s a place that makes and constructs parasols.

Maybe because it’s spring, I think it’s because of the store or the store.
Not only in the mall, but also in the general home.
Where we’re preparing for the interior,
It was very noticeable.
And creating a whole new space.
It’s good, but it’s cost-effective.
It’s true that it works.
I want to change the atmosphere of the store.
I was thinking about it, and I installed it first.
It’s Pagora.
In fact, the sunlight entering the store.
I set it up to prevent it.
I was able to see the interior effect unexpectedly.
There’s definitely a lot of merit for the cost.
I think it’s Pagora.
It’s not only harmful UV protection, it’s also rain and wind.
It blocks the terrace outside the store.
It also has the advantage of being able to use it.
It was very satisfying.

A few years ago, someone I know set up Pagora.
I just installed it, so I’m going to rebuild it.
I was worried because I saw it.
The construction went wrong. The rainwater ran out.
It doesn’t function as the original Pagora.
It cost twice as much.
So if you want to install Pagora, you have a lot of construction experience.
I thought I’d leave my skills in a certified place.
I looked into it very carefully.
The cooling system we’ve been entrusted with this time is
Like a place where construction and construction have been entrusted in various places.
Thank you for your meticulous and robust installation.
I was glad and satisfied.

Once installed, use it for a long time.
It’s also good for keeping out the sun and the wind and rain and wind.
To install a Pagora that can function properly,
It’s important to choose a company.
The cooling system is not only installed in Pagora and tents,
Canopy for various iron structures or lexane canopy events
It’s a place that makes and constructs parasols.

In general, there is a cafe called Pagoda.
I’ve seen you install it a lot.
These days, not only these places, but also private houses and rural houses.
You can see a lot of things installed in villas and so on.
To pursue simple functions,
Considering the installed Pagora and Design,
There’s a set-
It definitely looked different.
Pretty and unique, the place where Pagora is set up.
I could see it one more time.

Before the construction this time, it’s a light atmosphere.
I feel like I want to give you a point.
I’m telling you, there’s a lot of construction going on.
You reflected it well.
I only installed the real Pagora.
Some of you may have a new set of interior designs.
There’s someone who might have done it.
The atmosphere felt different.
So I was more satisfied.

Actually, when I didn’t know much about Pagora,
I can’t believe there are so many different kinds of Pagora.
I didn’t know.
Depending on the construction method, there’s a variety of pagodas.
You can also choose how it works.
Fixed Pargora Foldable Pargora Skyning
Electric wavegora, manual wavegora, and so on.
Pre-installation consultation.
I think you can construct it with the appropriate Pagora.
No matter how good the 파고라 product is,
If it doesn’t fit the construction site,
There’s no point in making a good choice.
It must be important.
And I’m going to tell Pagora the words, phrases, etc.
Put it in. You can see the signage effect.
These signs looked pretty and unique.
Not only that, but also the space outside the store.
I think the dot is also a merit.

Not just Pagora.
They also set up tents here.
There are many different materials for tents and steel structures.
You can choose the size, the shape, etc.
Do it
warehouses, shelters, and temporary workplaces
They say it can be used as a parking lot.
It would be good to refer to it.

Also canopy or lexane construction
It’s possible.
Practical and neat
If you’re interested in receiving the installation,
I think you’ll be satisfied if you leave it to me.
It doesn’t cost a lot.
It’s a place where you can take care of yourself.
Leave it to me.

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