It was a place where the effects of the Balbat mask were also faithful.

A few days ago, I got a massage in Unyang-dong, Gimpo recommended by my friend.
I was worried that my neck was stiff, my shoulders were clumped, my arms were numb.
It’s an aromatherapy cervical massage that helps with blood circulation, so I got a massage that loosens my muscles at the same time.
I was satisfied as if I had washed up.
Besides, the manager was kind and took care of me carefully, so I wanted to introduce 강남수안보안마 this place.

The healing aroma therapy I visited on this day was located 5 minutes away on foot from Exit 1 of Unyang Station.
It was located on the third floor of the Han River Venice Office Hotel, and it was easy to find because it was located in the station area.

And parking was done in the building, and I made a reservation through a consultation call in advance and visited at a fixed time.
The service course at the entrance was written on the blackboard and I could concentrate on the area I wanted and get care.

Moreover, the atmosphere was good because the subtle decorations were shining inside.
It had a gentle relaxing scent and quiet music on it, giving off a comfortable feeling.
When I got a pre-booking, I felt like I was being treated because it was empty and not crowded.

I was relieved that there were two managers in charge of this place, and they were made up of men and women.
It was perfect for couples to visit with only a limited number of people per day, so you can get a certain amount of care.

The reason is that there are two badgers and two caretakers in Unyang-dong, Gimpo.
It was reliable because professional management tools and equipment were listed and disinfection protection was ensured.

I’m going to get changed quickly and start a massage, and she covered me with a warm, soft towel.
He often asks if there’s any inconvenience with his smooth way of speaking and points out the pain professionally.

It was so cool that I cried when I tried to adjust it so that it wasn’t uncomfortable.
They found a place where we’ve been united for a long time and put pressure on us.

Also, the massage in Unyang-dong, Gimpo frequently asked about the strength and provided the perfect service.
In addition, they blended and used the aroma oil that they made themselves, so it slipped smoothly and smoothly.
I was worried about the ingredients because they stayed in contact with my body, but I was relieved to hear that they were handmade.

So I liked it because it stayed moist for a long time after receiving it.
The subtle aroma scent from the body also lasted pleasantly, making me feel proud.

Also, due to the nature of my work, my shoulders tend to stiffen a lot, but now that I mention it, they massaged me intensively.
It was a refreshing experience to stimulate the arm in many ways by turning it backwards and pulling it forward.

In addition, the massage in Unyang-dong, Gimpo, gave me a massage without missing my arms, so it was so cool and painful.
He didn’t seem to have a hard time with his power, and he used his weight to effectively acupressure.
They all know where and how much the joints are bent, so they gave enough stimulation.

What I liked the most was the position where I put my hands behind my back and pressed the edge of my wings.
When I press down on the uncomfortable part and release it, it felt as if the blocked part had been pierced.
I felt the heat as the blood circulation became clear and the discomfort disappeared, so it was amazing.

After that, I got a velvet mask that only serves 10 massage members.
When a cloth made of collagen was covered over my face, it felt like the moisture was absorbed.
They say it’s hard to see the effect by eating, but I think it’s a sure way to penetrate the skin.

I got a massage and took care of my skin with a mask, so I killed two birds with one stone.
I understand that this is quite expensive even if I try to get it as a service, but I was touched by your kindness.

Also, I was thankful because I could feel the help of your side to take care of me so that’
After getting a massage in Unyang-dong, Gimpo, I was satisfied with the lightness and pain, and I was planning to visit often.
It was a place where the effect of the Valbat mask, which I received as a service, was also faithful because of the skin was soft and glossy.

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