I hope you don’t use a private loan and get a loan from the bank as much as possible.

Among college students, those who don’t get financial support from their parents often suffer from money. There are countless places to spend money, such as college tuition, rent deposit, utility bills, and living expenses, so I’m thinking about getting a loan. Unfortunately, college students are classified as unemployed because they do not have a job or earn enough income, so it is difficult to get loans from job seekers, housewives, and soldiers. So can college students not get any loans? Not in conclusion. Today, we will take a look at the types of college student loans that can actually help.

a college student loan

One of the biggest concerns of university students is tuition and tuition. There is a student loan from the Korea Scholarship Foundation that can be loaned at a low interest rate of 2-3%. College student borrowers have situational loans after getting a job, student loans from farming and fishing villages, and general student loans. Also, you can borrow money at low interest rates, including tuition and living expenses. There are many times when you can get a student’s tuition, and it is only possible if you maintain a certain level of school grades.

Young college student sunshine theory

I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of college student loans. University student loans are also available at the government-run Sunshine Loan. If the Credit Counseling and Recovery Commission approves it after a warranty review, you can apply for a loan from the bank with a guarantee. The pension rate is about 5.4%, and you can get a living cost or a high interest rate conversion loan.

a living loan

You can borrow living expenses 비대면 폰테크 so that you can earn a living and study for college students. The limit is up to 12 million won, and you can borrow up to 5 million won for a year, and the repayment period is up to 7 years.

Support target

– College student

a student who is on or off from college or graduate school as of the date of application

Those who are 29 years of age (the military author is 31 years old) or younger, earn 35 million won or less per year (not more than 45 million won for those with a credit rating of 6th or lower), are taking the credit bank system as of the date of application, and have received 12 credits or more.

-Youth population

For young people who are 29 years of age (the military writer is 31 years old), annual income is 35 million won or less, annual income is 35 million won or less (not more than 45 million won if they are ranked 6th), and for young people who have been working in small and medium enterprises for more than a year, the loan rate is 0.5% applied.

a high-interest convertible loan

It refers to a loan that converts a loan from a loan business or a loan taken at a high interest rate to a low interest rate of up to 12 million won. The redemption agency is seven years.

1 Financial college student loan type

As I said in the introduction, college students are unemployed. That’s why university students’ credit loans are difficult in the first financial sector. However, college students who do not have a history of delinquency can get a small loan.

Kakao Bank Emergency Loan

There are people who don’t know. Kakao Bank is an Internet bank in the financial sector. Therefore, small loans are available at low interest rates. You can borrow money without income or occupation, and you can get a loan from 500,000 won to 3 million won. You can apply through the mobile app, and the interest rate is divided into credit ratings, which is 3.9-15%.

Woori Bank’s Weavy Mobile Loan

It’s a loan that can be borrowed from 1 million won to 20 million won. If you have a credit rating of 7 or higher, you can apply. However, it is difficult for university students to borrow large amounts of money. Interest rates are measured from 5.3% to 9.3% depending on creditworthiness.

K-Bank Slimk Credit Loan

Like Kakao Bank, K-Bank is also the first financial institution of Internet banks. If you have credit card transactions for more than a year, you can apply and you can borrow up to 50 million won per credit rating. Interest rates range from 4.66% to 9.9% depending on the rating.

Type of college student loans in the financial sector
SBI Savings Bank CiderLoans

Its characteristic is that it has a credit rating of 6 or higher, and the limit is from 500,000 won to 100 million won. However, the limit and interest rate vary depending on the credit rating, and you can get a loan at a rate of 6.9 percent-13.5 percent.

OK Savings Bank OK Mobile Theory

You can easily get a loan from 100,000 won to 3 million won on mobile with a loan for college students with some income.

Lotte Capital’s Internet Immediate Release

If you have more than a year of credit transactions, you can apply. You can get a loan from 1 million won to 25 million won, and it’s a 12% to 21.9% interest rate.

a university student’s rent loan
The government is providing monthly rent funds from the Korea Housing Finance Corporation and the Korea Housing Guarantee City Corporation to ease the housing problems of university students.

Today, we looked at the types and conditions of college student loans. University students with even a slightly higher income or credit rating can get more favorable loans. It can be difficult to get a loan if you have low income, overdue history, or high cash advances, or if your credit rating is low. If this happens, you can find a loan business. High-interest loans can only lead to a vicious cycle as they cause a drop in credit ratings. Therefore, I hope you don’t use personal money or private loans and get a loan from the bank as much as possible.

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