The sunlight came in the window, and the picture atmosphere changed.

Day wine that I had been talking to my friend for a while.
I thought I’d have to do some good day wine at this point

After a very stressful January
I thought it had subsided a little, but as the end of February
The timing of wanting to heal yourself while drinking wine during the day.

I went to the wine bar small hoff of the Apgujeong Rodeo pub where daytime drinking is possible:)

Since 1987, written on the sign “The Big Hope in the Little Hope.”

The little hoff opened in 1987
Renewed to a wine bottle shop with cooking and wine

Thanks to the price of a wine shop at Apgujeong Rodeo
It is now possible to enjoy wine at a completely cheap price.

Parking is a 50% discount if you park in the parking lot of Cheongho Golf Driving Range.

A neat, cozy interior.

It’s still 2 pm, so I do not think it’s a wine drink
The truth is it’s a great time and atmosphere to take a day off.

The music is good and the atmosphere is good!

It’s a shop that sells wine on one side
I thought there weren’t many tables
It was like a regular restaurant or wine bar because there was a comfortable table space.

We sat at a couple-seat table where we could sit side by side like this:)

I’m supposed to sit out looking
I could feel the feeling of daytime and drink wine.

From tablecloths to napkins and wooden spoons, all felt and beautiful.

Apgujeong Rodeo pub wine bar small hop menu

Dirty Rice, Kang Punggi, Migo Langpasta, Shell Steaming, etc.
There are distinctive menus that are good for meals and snacks

Pickles and appetizers are made directly from handmade
The store, which manages the store atmosphere and hygiene thoroughly.

I ordered food and now I went to pick out the wine.

I’m gonna take a pick of the wine from the wine shop
You can enjoy it right away at 3,000 won for glasscharge!

There were so many different wines
Especially, it is good for people who like natural wine because they wear more than 20 new natural wines every month (wines that do not contain organic grapes and do not filter impurities without filtering impurities) with minimal touch of people.
I also wear a lot of regular wines with good caustic rain
The choice was really wide.

We were looking for a caustic red wine because we were going to have a day drink
The wine you recommended is my favorite temprani, so I choose it immediately.

Fincaengera Temprani, 2018
Finca Enguera

I also liked the reason you recommended it, but it’s a really good wine to drink with daytime alcohol

I was waiting for my friend to come back a little late
This wine was opened before drinking, and then it was opened to the first place because it tasted better if you drank it.

And I poured my own first into the glass
I waited, took pictures, and then I ended up
I can not bear it, but I have to drink a few sips first.

The reason is that the appetizer

Oh, I didn’t know you were giving me an appetizer
Sweet potatoes pickled in green grapes and ginger came out.

But I think it’s funny that I just look at the shape and think it’s pineapple

I just ate it, imagining the sweet and sour taste of pineapple
It’s a soft, sweet sweet potato so aah _ !!!
I’m alone in the moment.

Temprani, too. Delicious:)

I was just sipping a sip or two and waiting for a friend while eating an appetizer
Later, my friend thought that was a pineapple

There were food for lunch and wine snacks.

kang fan

A ripe chicken leg dish with spicy, crispy fried.

Wow, you’re a fucking fan!
I just don’t need words.

Make it unconditional

Honestly, it’s not a Chinese house, so I didn’t expect a taste of kangpunggi
The map is just as good
Chicken meat is also moist and soft.

ample and good bb

Apgujeong Rodeo Wine Bar, which is beautiful and delicious to see, and food and wine of small hops.

The service is too kind
I’m sure you’ve been careful
I was able to have a more comfortable and enjoyable time.

I’m not gonna let you know that

We both feel better and have a good time


Spanish dish with garlic and shrimp fried in olive oil.

I’ve got a lot of shrimp and I’ve got a baguette bread moistened in oil
I put shrimp up and eat it, and it is good with snack.

maccom cream pasta

The menu that I have already searched and steamed before my friend came here

I’m sure the Korean people like the spicy cream base
It’s a pasta with bacon

The sauce was delicious and it was good because it had a lot of bacon.

Spicy cream sauce keeps eating 강남풀싸롱 even more when the stomach is full

Wow, you’re full of emblems
The rope.

It’s all so delicious, and the wine is so good.
The day wine was healing, too.

But because it was weekday, there would be no more people who would do this day
Other guests came and picked wine directly from the wine shop.

For some reason, we were so embarrassed to be alone in the daylight.

At around 4 o’clock, the sun was tilting and the sunlight came into the window, and the picture atmosphere changed.
There’s another atmosphere in the evening.

Apgujeong Rodeo pub Wine Bar Small Hope is lunch and dinner
You can pick out the wine you want and eat it with your snack

Even the food is delicious and the service is so kind
It was a wine bar that had been satisfying for a long time:)

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