I went there because I had a seat on my next visit

I was hanging out with my friend at a cafe near Seolleung Station

I was so sorry to 셔츠룸 break up as this,

It was very close to Seolleung Station, so it was easy to visit

It’s just in front of the alley, so it’s a very accessible place!

The interior is very pretty, too

It’s quite large and has a lot of tables

as a place for a dinner at Seolleung Station

A recommended bar!

It’s pretty wide, it’s not too dark, it’s not bright

The restaurant is a good place for dinner.

with the items that are so cute

a decorated Seolleung station bar reception

It was nice to see the scenery outside the window

So, at the Sunneung Station, we’re going to

A variety of delicious snacks, not a common menu

It was so hard to pick out!

I asked the president that he has a lot of regular customers because of his snack

Gamberries and drug caredones are the most popular

He ordered it for us

Besides that, the menus of the guests are all

The snacks you can eat enough for dinner!

Ordinarily, you don’t eat, and you go to a bar, you don’t have enough

There’s something missing about the meal

We’ll be able to find out

There’s a whole menu to serve with a drink!

It is satisfied because there is a lot of food and various menus!

Basically, we have to drink soju and beer

Sake, various distilled wines, high balls

You can choose to eat according to your main type!

We’re going to have a new beer

I’ve tried a whole bunch of things!

It tastes like a high-tech or terra

I recommend that you drink beer

This is the first menu I’ve ever had here

Tomato pasta or tomato soup

The menu is so delicious!

tomato sauce is not thick

I could eat fresh noodles

The sauce is so thick it goes well with handmade rain

There were also a lot of shrimp

The plump prawns and the big prawns

It’s so much in there, satisfaction!

The handmade bisari and pasta sari

It was really good. If you’re a real Korean

Korean pasta flavor that everyone seems to like!

If you visit the Seolleung Station bar reception

It is a menu that you recommend to try

It was a lot of sheep, but it tasted the best

a colorful and pretty menu

I’ve never had a chance to get my favorite egg

Dongas is actually one of my favorite menus

I love the real Dongas, but the receptionist’s Dongas

It was a little unique! The curry is the kind of thing

Solar curry, not Ottogi curry

coconut milky Thai curry

So I got along better with Dongas

sweet sauce and chalk match

I’m gonna pop the half-cooked eggs and rub them

It was even more twisted and rich

I’m gonna go over the salad you gave me

It’s balsamic sauce, so if you eat pork

The perfect combination for the sourness to be hot!!

I’m gonna tell you what the wedge potato tastes like

You’re so kind, boss

Any one from the taste of the snack to the amount

Seolleung pub receptionist who did not fall out!

If you’re a regular snack killer

I recommend it as a bar to go to

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