It’s a country that needs to be aired, so there’s no way to know, but it’s kind of fascinating.

It’s zero, but I just want to talk about Launhee so much that I just write it down.

No one’s interested, but I just want to brag about Uncle Sissy, and I think I’m done.

I’m going to change the unsung post at super speed, so just look at the handsome guy and go.

In fact, the most likely film to fall in love with Launhee seems to be a lady with a spicy taste.

When I saw this, I thought Yoon-ok was so pretty, lovely, and sad, and I want to wipe away the tears that he shed)

Well, then it got to this state.

Yoonok, don’t cry.

Like I said before this scene, Yunok’s narrative is salty enough, but from 토렌트 사이트 episode 30, let’s see if we can stop liking him.

I felt so bad for the narrative that I had everything, but I didn’t have a girl I loved.

First of all, you’re so good at acting that you don’t have to say

With this drama, he became a male god of high drama, received recognition for his acting skills, and became a genius for everyone.

If you show me pictures of Launhee’s flavor, I think everyone knows it.

Actually, Ilchon Sangsa and Donggung were really funny like I’ve seen so far, and they escaped after enjoying the drama, but as soon as they started, their flavor was really ruined.

Because why did you choose Ilchon Corporation, Donggung, and Hyangmil? It’s not because of the actor, it’s just that I was looking for a terrible love drama that sheds tears of Maramat tears.

Now I’ve seen all the spices and suddenly I want to see the white-haired queen or the half-simile ;;;;;; This is all because of her.

(In fact, I’ve seen all the anti-smuggling awards in the end, and I can’t wait to see this man’s modern drama.)

To be honest, I think I’ve just seen the flavor. (But I’m not concentrating at all on what I’m going to do. It’s not that I’m having fun. I’m just having a sub-bottle that doesn’t answer me.)

Now I have to look at the other handwriting, but honestly, I can’t even imagine it.

Wolsangjunghwa is notoriously weird and unattractive (not even Launhee, but Yeojoo Jinokki and sub-Namjoo’s estimation committee are all in the spice, even in Ilchon Corporation, where I learn how much I like it!!!) They’re all actors that I really like, but they say that dramas are not attractive, so I’m seriously thinking about whether I should watch this)

Oh, but he’s really handsome.

Queen Baikbal doesn’t come out often, so I thought I should just watch it quickly and move on.

Conclusion: What are you looking at?

The reason I wanted to talk more about Mr. Sissy is because

It’s because of his next film, “The Goodwill,” (the drama that’s waiting for 2021 has a lot of other things to say, but I think the goodwill will come before the two.I just think so.

In fact, I just finished reading the original story of Ho-haeng Lee Hap-hwa’s Other Baek Myo-Jeon (also known as “Eolha”) and I’m so excited that I can’t wait to see you again.

Hello, beginner.

How are you doing?Where are you? I’m dying of blood.

I’m sure you’re all waiting for this, and I’m telling you, if you did a great job, you’d have a big trouble kidnapping a second K-pop friend who will succeed Jung-ryeong.

(Of course, the director is a monthly director. I’m so worried. I just did a video shoot. I’m going to die.)

First of all, all the descriptions of Cho Man-nyeong in Eolha are just Raun-hee itself, so it’s kind of ridiculous.

I personally think that the painting of Bongan, the eyes raised above the tail of his eyes, and the red makeup around his eyes are a divine move.

Also, I really love the top-notch and colorful hair decorations of the drama, so I welcome your style.

I’ve told you somewhere before,

It’s amazing how so many home moms are hiding on set in China.

I’m not hiding, I’m letting the staff know for money, but whatever.

When I came out of Hyangmil after being recommended, I thought I was going to faint. I was handsome, but I’m more handsome.

In fact, this drama is also an exploratory drama (the drama that takes pictures of the original BL in bromance is a BL drama).

Originally, it is a story of love between disciples and the Savior, but since it is prohibited in principle from dealing with homosexuality in China, it will be adapted into a true educational story of its own that influences a different student.

I read the whole Mado Survey later, but there seemed to be plenty more room for a bromance friendship play, and I can’t imagine where and how to touch it to become a beautiful story of disciples and teachers.

And in principle, the time slip and reincarnation that come out underneath are all the elements that are filtered out of the rifle, and I think that’s actually the mind of the rifle, but there’s no backbone.

Anyway, after the Spirit hit the jackpot, we’ve been sweeping pretty good BLIPs in Tung Xun, and there’s a line up of exploration masterpieces that are scheduled to come out only this year, and I don’t even know when they’ll come out.

Rumor has it that you’ll be doing well within the spring. Well, there’s no way I’m gonna know. I’m just going out when the rifle tells me to let me out.

(This year is the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party, so I heard that Gwangchong is especially sensitive to censorship of exploratory dramas, and if there are too many Karders, I’m still scissor-treating, I’m so tired and annoyed.)

For example, this year’s Exploration Dramatic Decree will air on the morning of the day! After the teaser video was uploaded, I had a lot of time in the evening. What’s this system without countermeasures?

Recently, I found out that there are 50 dramas that were originally produced in 2021 based on Chinese Bell novels. Because of censorship, there is nothing to film even if there is a BL drama (so everyone is friendship, affection between disciples and teachers). There is no way to know why they want to produce so much.

And there are many names of actors who are familiar to Korean people in those dramas, but it’s a country where people think China is the best place to film, and it should be aired even after taking all the pictures, so it’s kind of interesting.

And in fact, obviously! It’s true that we’ve officially banned homosexuality, but I think we’re more open-minded than our country.

Besides the simple male-female CP, the history of female-female CP has been maintained.

And it’s just a private story, but BL dramas are inevitably two-top men’s structures and girls’ roles are less important, so it’s kind of weird. I’m sure it’s because it’s expensive for the producers, but I’m sure.

(Actually, is that make money? I would like to hear that the production cost of Hoihaeng is 43 billion won, so what’s left of it? But China has a different scale of money counting.

Anyway, back to Sissy’s story,

It’s even better because there’s a lot of anticipated next works, and it’s likely that they’re all his own voices.

I love your voice. a genius at acting

I’ve been talking about the old drama on a rare day, so I don’t think he’s good in modern dramas, but he’s handsome even in modern dramas or short hair.

Are you from heaven?You’re so handsome, I’m annoyed.

As if it was the day of Liang Unsa’s Shaching celebration, I worked so hard. Hurry up and throw up. Let’s see the new work.

Just like Liang Unsa, you can think of the character of the head of the headquarters that was once popular in Korea. Young and rich Toll and Handsome. She’s smart and high-ranking, but she’s wearing glasses and her legs are uncomfortable, so she’s using a cane. So I’m curious. Her face is very sensitive. She looks like she fits well with the character.

Of course, it’s my first time seeing her sensitive face, but when I see her a little bit, it’s obvious that she’s a playful brother who likes games.

2020 Sungkwang Awards

I’m sure I didn’t like slender people, but I guess not. Slender’s good. Yeah.

Oh, for your reference, this brother made his debut as a singer at first. So he sings very well.

I also want to write a business article on the half-time push-and the half-hourly sale.If you look at this, you’re going to hit him hard.

I promise myself I’ll use it when I have time.

Finally, the legend of the highly developed 3D beating 2D

I’m a model for the game heaven and earth, but I’m leaving him behind, who’s more handsome than the character.

Is it okay for people to do this? I’m so sick of being so handsome.

Cheer up until the day I can live and write a drama review again.

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